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Steve's belief is that Art is energy meant to inspire! 

A blessing from a higher being used to bring happiness & energy to all whom welcome it.  Steve feels it's important to put all his thoughts, emotions, and energy into art " images" that for the most part, would not have existed. These "images" are meant to possibly make someone happy or influence them to achieve there own goals & feel there own energy..... 


Steve's  interest include, philosophy, psychology, history and  true life success stories. Steve has studied a variety of religions including, Taoism, Buddhism, Scientology, and NLP Philosophies..Another interest of Steve's is Physical Fitness. Steve believes the body should be as strong as the mind, and in 2007 he began a strict training regiment. In 2008 he placed 3rd overall in the NPC Empire States Masters, (novice heavyweight division) an annual bodybuilding competition. In mid 2009 Steve sustained a season ending bench press injury. A 450 lbs. lift tore Steve's pectoral muscle, requiring surgery and 1 yr recovery period, Steve is working for a positive comeback in 2011.When Steve isn't riding his Big Dog K-9 chopper, he is watching movies, some favorites are 300, Hellboy 2, Iron Man, The Red Violin, Clockwork Orange, The Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Avatar. Literature, whether it be read or audio, is a mental stimulation Steve makes time for in his busy schedule, some favorites are The Secret, Your Best Life Now, The Power of Now, The Art of War, and The complete collection of Edgar Allen Poe.Steve's recent achievements are trophies for best airbrushing in 2009 at the Funk Master Flex celebrity car and bike show, for artwork on "Pirate PT" (see portfolio) and for his own K-9 chopper (see Thor Bike) the 2009 (HOG) Fall Foliage Run annual bike show.Steve's company, S. M. Air has made many artistic and financial contributions to local and national charities. Ex. World Wildlife Federation, Green peace, juvenile diabetes relief fund and to help stop human trafficking as well as local high school and colleges.  Updated contribution photos can be viewed on the "news page".Steve's Final Comments: "Today with the economy, it is a drive to push myself as an artist; a humble beginning has also given me the strength and determination to see past most of life's obstacles. My favorite quote from my late father (Jim Moran), my art mentor,  ''(the good the better the best, never let it rest, the good become the better, and the better become the best!")

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